I am making some serious progress at a snails pace.
Does that make sense?
I don't know? But what I do know is that I have yet to have the bedroom I adore.
I mean we have lived a lot of places by now and seriously my bedroom has yet to be my focus. I don't know why?
 I mean doesn't Nate Berkus say it is our "sanctuary".
Well, awhile back I made up my mind that I would finally just go ahead and plunk done the money and have the bedroom I wanted! 
Then we had to pay taxes. 
Ho Hum
So now I am on the "budget plan" and honestly it's fine because well I just can't imagine really spending $1800 on a bed, even if it is the bed of my dreams.

My kind and loving husband has decided (with much prompting) that yes he will make me my upholstered headboard. 
( hopefully I will be able to show it soon)
But while I patiently wait I have started a little decorating to move the process along. 

I keep seeing collage walls all over the place and I have to admit I kinda love 'em.

Source not sure?

pottery barn

Domino (oh how I miss you)

Isabella and Max Rooms

{Here is a little peek at what I have been working on}
 I am sure that it will change ( I need some letters or something else still) before the big reveal but I was excited with the start of it all

my new drapes are what else....drop clothes

I saw the quote on Mary Ruffle, wrote it on a piece of brown package paper and stuck in this frame
I love it when things are pretty and free!

my pillows are waiting patiently for the headboard too

Hopefully it won't be to long now....FINGERS CROSSED

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