Enjoy your weekend!


Art Fair!

Its that time of year again and the 54th and Monon Art Fair is upon us! 
I will have a booth at this years fair right in front of Posh Petals again.
The fair is a ton of fun {please no rain} and it is free! They also have free hotdogs and lemonade all day! 
Its a great neighborhood fair I am happy to be returning for my second year.  
I hope you will come out and see me and all the new things I have been working on. 
I will try to keep posting some of the things I have been working on and I will have them all for sale at the fair. 
See you there!
54th and Monon Art Fair
June 4, 2011 
9am to 4pm


Flowers for you

Nothing is better than receiving a bouquet of flowers so why not wear your little bouquet around your waist?
Here is a little belt I put together on a whim.....kiddos were sleeping and I had a very small window of time. I was messing around with some of the flowers I have been making and this is what I came up with.

I think it is lovely and now I keep looking for things to wear it with. 


Race Day

This past Saturday I finished my 3rd half marathon!
I am so happy to be running again and the race was awesome! It is the best feeling to finish a race and see how strong you can be when you decide that you will do this. 
I always finish telling myself, "you are stronger than yesterday" I say it over and over in my head and it helps. It also was a huge bonus that this time I got to run the entire race with Brian. Granted he was ahead of me a few times but I always had him in my sight.  Even if I felt like a horse chasing a carrot on a stick, he kept me motivated to push myself a little harder than I probably would have if I were on my own. Unfortunately for him it wasn't his best time......I beat him by a second! Seriously, one teeny, tiny second! But for me it is shear victory because in our 11years together I have never beat him at anything! We tend to have a little healthy competition with each other.  But this time I am the winner and I have enjoyed reminding him of this repeatedly. 
We have another race in 2 weeks and I'm sure he will take the crown but for now, it's all mine!

Happy Mothers Day

Hope all you mommy's had a terrific day with your children. I know I did. It was pretty much a perfect day with my girls and hubby. We even got to have a wonderful dinner {prepared by my darling husband} with his Mom and Dad. It was awesome.
My girls, with a little help from daddy, surprised me with my favorite perfume. Tocca cleopatra. 
So perfect!

{here it is wrapped with drawing paper and my hairclips}

and this beautiful book made by Avery

the bugs giving their Nana her gift 

It was a lovely day!
 I am blessed to have a wonderful family and I can't thank you all enough for making the day so special for me.  


Spring Frock

Today I am sharing another little dress for spring and summer. 
It is the same style as the String Bean Dress from last year except instead of tying up the neck, I have added a button closure this time. 
I love it because it's navy blue and I go crazy for anything in that color! 
I would like to use more knits this summer and I have all kinds of ideas, of course it's the actual execution that seems to be the problem. I know, I know, I'm singing to the choir.
Its just that I lay in bed with my brain swirling with all these ideas and then I sit in the afternoon while the kiddies rest and blog stalk and well that leads to more jump out of your chair, I have to make that episodes! Good golly, I should be cleaning. 


{ a dainty flower from our basket is now a hairclip }


Flower Love

Here are more little flowers just waiting to be made in to darling accessories for your hair!

breathe mommy breathe

Let me start by saying with Mothers Day right around the corner I have been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a mom and what kind of a mom, I hope that I am. 
I think I'm pretty good at this job I have so happily agreed to take on and although I do have moments where I think I might be failing, something always happens to change my mind otherwise. 
I love my children more than I thought I could love anyone or anything and the best part is that they love me back the very same way. 
With all that said, Mommies jobs are hard! 
I'm digging deep in to my patience pockets today because it is 
Im saying this with a smile because even though Emma is in some serious trouble I can still see the humor in this....or at least I'm trying. 

See all that white stuff floating, it's feathers from the down comforter on her bed. She bit a hole in it the other day {she was playing "doggie" with her sister, don't ask) and I didn't fix it soon enough apparently because today she decided to pull out all the feathers and spread them all over her bed. 

What is truly baffling to me is that she seems to be quit please with herself?????

The feathers are EVERYWHERE, look close, they are even in her eyes. 

I would love to show you her bed but I think you get the point. 
Deep breath in and out. 
Who ever said terrible two's never met my three year old!



Pretty flowers always make me happy and what is better than seeing pretty little flowers all up in your hair? 
Here are some little clips that I am working on for the upcoming event where I will be selling all my wares! 
{more info, on that later}

This is where I have started but the wheels keep turning so I'm sure I will have more to share with you soon. 



Its that time of year again when all the things that got packed away for the winter have to be brought back out for warm weather and one of those things would be my running shoes. I wish I could say that I run all winter long and I am diligent about not letting all the hard work from March to June go to waste. But that is exactly what seems to happen! Give or take those few days over the summer when I think, sure, it's totally fine to run in 90 degree temperatures. 
 Which in turn makes me think the pool is a much better place to spend that time.
Then March rolls around and I think, here we go!

All this talk leads me to the topic at hand. My next race. It's this weekend and even though I have done it before I can say that I'm always a little nervous right before. To many things to think about...are my shoes okay? Will I do better than my last race? Will I finish? Hahahaha
Yes, this is my head tormenting me. 
Everyone that doesn't run asks me why on earth would I do this?
 Why is running 13.1 miles a good time?
My response: It is awesome!
Its that feeling of pride and accomplishment that never gets old. 
It is knowing that my girls have a mommy that gets out there and does stuff even when she isn't sure she can do it. 
It's the thing I do to show myself I am stronger than I was yesterday.  
For everything I do for everyone else. 
Running is what I do for me.

Wish me luck and a good finish!