breathe mommy breathe

Let me start by saying with Mothers Day right around the corner I have been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a mom and what kind of a mom, I hope that I am. 
I think I'm pretty good at this job I have so happily agreed to take on and although I do have moments where I think I might be failing, something always happens to change my mind otherwise. 
I love my children more than I thought I could love anyone or anything and the best part is that they love me back the very same way. 
With all that said, Mommies jobs are hard! 
I'm digging deep in to my patience pockets today because it is 
Im saying this with a smile because even though Emma is in some serious trouble I can still see the humor in this....or at least I'm trying. 

See all that white stuff floating, it's feathers from the down comforter on her bed. She bit a hole in it the other day {she was playing "doggie" with her sister, don't ask) and I didn't fix it soon enough apparently because today she decided to pull out all the feathers and spread them all over her bed. 

What is truly baffling to me is that she seems to be quit please with herself?????

The feathers are EVERYWHERE, look close, they are even in her eyes. 

I would love to show you her bed but I think you get the point. 
Deep breath in and out. 
Who ever said terrible two's never met my three year old!


  1. Oh no! That looks like something my sister would have done when we were kids. Aye yi yi! These kids make us grey and wrinkled I swear! Hopefully the rest of your week gets better :)

  2. THank you!! I hope so too! Oh and so nice to hear from you:)