Its that time of year again when all the things that got packed away for the winter have to be brought back out for warm weather and one of those things would be my running shoes. I wish I could say that I run all winter long and I am diligent about not letting all the hard work from March to June go to waste. But that is exactly what seems to happen! Give or take those few days over the summer when I think, sure, it's totally fine to run in 90 degree temperatures. 
 Which in turn makes me think the pool is a much better place to spend that time.
Then March rolls around and I think, here we go!

All this talk leads me to the topic at hand. My next race. It's this weekend and even though I have done it before I can say that I'm always a little nervous right before. To many things to think about...are my shoes okay? Will I do better than my last race? Will I finish? Hahahaha
Yes, this is my head tormenting me. 
Everyone that doesn't run asks me why on earth would I do this?
 Why is running 13.1 miles a good time?
My response: It is awesome!
Its that feeling of pride and accomplishment that never gets old. 
It is knowing that my girls have a mommy that gets out there and does stuff even when she isn't sure she can do it. 
It's the thing I do to show myself I am stronger than I was yesterday.  
For everything I do for everyone else. 
Running is what I do for me.

Wish me luck and a good finish!


  1. I have to say, I am in total awe of you! How do you find the time to do what you do? I have three girls, run a daycare, try to get some crafting in, and my husband and I decided we are going to run a 1/2 marathon in August! I am having the hardest time finding the time to just get out an run!! I know you are probably way more busy than I am with running your AWESOME blog and coming up with all these great ideas... love the hair clips. Tell me your secret!! How do you find the time?

  2. Okay first of all you made my day! Thanks for all the kind words but seriously I am always wondering how to fit stuff in to the day. I started running last year with a marathon training group at our ymca and it got me on the path for a successful running career. I really owe it all to my coaches. I run t,th, and Sat is my longer runs. Brian and I do it together so it helps to have that support. I have a child care myself so I craft, blog, clean, etc. during nap time, late at night and weekends. I sleep not nearly enough but who does? Good luck with your run. YOu are going to be so proud of yourself...it's really the best feeling ever!!

  3. I just ran my first half marathon on May 1st and I will definitely do another! Actually, Im going to look for one in the fall probably Sept or Oct. I really enjoyed training but Im not much of a runner. It hurts and Im slow but it feels so good when Im done :-) The race I did last weekend was miserable though. It rained the ENTIRE race and was no higher than 40 outside. Oh man. Tough. I am excited to start training for another! Good luck on yours! I will be reading to see how you did! And for me, training is done during the day at the gym (wish I could train outside during the week) and I use their childcare for 2 hrs each day. It is great. I get a little break for myself each day and my kidos get interaction with other little ones! Win - Win! Then I do my long runs on the weekend outside while my husband watches the kids.