Spring Frock

Today I am sharing another little dress for spring and summer. 
It is the same style as the String Bean Dress from last year except instead of tying up the neck, I have added a button closure this time. 
I love it because it's navy blue and I go crazy for anything in that color! 
I would like to use more knits this summer and I have all kinds of ideas, of course it's the actual execution that seems to be the problem. I know, I know, I'm singing to the choir.
Its just that I lay in bed with my brain swirling with all these ideas and then I sit in the afternoon while the kiddies rest and blog stalk and well that leads to more jump out of your chair, I have to make that episodes! Good golly, I should be cleaning. 


{ a dainty flower from our basket is now a hairclip }

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