8 years

Eight years ago yesterday I married the greatest man I have ever known.

 I fell in love with his humor, his kind spirit, his loyalty to family and friends because he is sweet and sensitive and because from the moment we met I just knew I was meant to be with him. We say it all the time but two people really couldn't be more perfect for each other. 
We have had an amazing eight years of marriage together. 

Thank you my sweet, sweet darling for making me feel not only like your princess but above all else filling me up with so much love I can't imagine a life with out you. 


Upcyled twin set

Today I woke up and said to myself I have, have, have to clean my bathrooms! Oh and dusting wouldn't be a bad idea either. So what did I do......I made an outfit for Emma bug out of an old t-shirt.
 Makes sense, right??

Anything to avoid the obvious. 
My friend Teresa gave me this super cute T shirt a long, long time ago. I  actually wanted to wear it myself but way to short, obviously the reason she passed it along to me.  I so wish I would of taken a before picture of it.....someday I will catch on to this blogging thing. UGH.

All I have to show are the after pictures...but in my opinion the outfit is so super duper cute.

The shirt had a design on the front that is now on one leg of the leggings and I used the neck of the shirt (it was a scoop neck so I had more to work with) as the trim along the bottom of the new shirt. The new shirt is made out of a cream knit I had on hand. I also added a little ruffle to the neck for fun.

She thinks she is so sassy!


54th and Monon Art Fair 2011

What can I say, other than this year was great!  I had such a good turn out and everyone really seemed to like all of my stuff!
So glad because honestly this is what I am thinking about the entire time I am preparing for a show....WILL THEY LIKE WHAT I MAKE???
But apparently they did because I just about sold out of all the clothing! It's weird, last year was a huge success for hairclips (they flew off the shelf) and this year I couldn't keep the clothes on the rack! So nice to have so many people wanting to dress their little bugs in the clothing I make.
Makes me a happy lady!

It was a super hot day and I wasn't sure how busy we would be?

but boy did we get busy

The bugs were with me most of the day and they were so good and had so much fun

My sister was there to snap all the pictures!
Thank you sis for coming in to town all the way from Naples just to help me out!

I have to mention that my great friend Emily made me this adorable apron so I would have a place to keep all my things (calculator, pen, money) for the day, I was actually organized and it is so super cute!

I got to see a lot of old friends who came out to see me and support my little business....thank you!

I can't express enough how much fun the day was and how grateful I am to my family for being so supportive and helping me the whole day long!
 I couldn't ask for a better husband, sister and daughters!

See you next year!


Its just about here

My poor family and their patience with me!
I have made them live in a crazy mess for a month now, just getting ready for the fair. 
This is the state that my poor kitchen has been in for awhile now. But boy do I love my island and how it transforms in to such a perfect cutting table!

My once lovely dining room has become my sewing room
 double eeek!

Sorry family. I didn't realize what a sloppy sewer/crafter I could be?

Only 1 day left and I think everything is almost complete!