Eye Candy

I have had a minor obsession with a little site called Pinterest.
Um lets just say there are days when I might possibly be drooling over the amazing pictures for hours.
Okay there are many days like that and seriously it is effecting my housework. Funny how that is always the first to go....oh well.

Here are some photos that are filing up my desktop that I thought I would share

{in no particular order}



Sunday Morning

There is nothing that brings me more happiness than these two little munchkins and when they are getting along....WOW it's like a little bit of heaven on earth!
Here is what we were doing around our house this morning while the rain FINALLY came down outside


Tooth Fairy

We had big things happening around here this weekend!
Who knew that a missing tooth could only make your kid cuter?


The Chair Dilemma

 Have I told you lately about my chair dilemma? 
Our kitchen chairs are old! I don't mean we have had them for awhile and I am bored with them. I mean they are old and have been known to fall apart while guests have been sitting in them. Not a good host when the chair falls apart. Opps! I guess that has to do with me spending $1 on a chair. I guess its time for a little more of an investment.
                       The good news is I have found "the chair" which would happen to be the 
 Its so industrial and cool and would look so good in my kitchen

 and well the thing is, at $245 a chair it's not going to happen. Blah!

This has sent me on a hunt for the next best thing or should I say the next best/cheapest thing. 
That is when I came across this chair. Its called the Jackson Metal Tub chair and its from World Market. Nice, right?

Now at $109 it is a much better price and I even checked them out in the store and well I love them a lot!
The only thing is I'm just not sure about the wrap around arms? Hmmm?
So you can imagine my surprise when I went to TJ MAXX and found these. 

They are not nearly as smooth and pretty as the chairs above but for $25 a chair on clearance, I think I can live with a little imperfection. 

So here they are. My $100 investment.
What do you think because I'm still on the fence a little and well of course
I had to leave Brian's comfy chair. Its where he sits and watches his TV in the evenings and I think I even kind of like it there anchoring the rest of the table. 

The bench even fits perfectly against the wall and can easily be pulled up to the table when we have a house full of kids. Perfect!
I think I still might want the World Market chairs? 
I don't know? What do you think?


Dining room update

So you may recall that we moved in to our new house in December and I have been working on it between  everything else going on and so the progress is slow but good.

 Awhile back I bought four parson chairs from IKEA to replace the ladder back ones that we came with our dining table. I was over them and ready to move on to something a little softer. 
 I left the arm chairs on the end with the hopes of soon replacing those too but with something a little different. 

Old House Dining Room

I then came across this picture on Holly's blog ( you must check her out if you haven't yet, she is super talented) and I fell in love with the skirted chairs! 

Don't you love the gray hutch?
I have an idea for that too which is soon to come!

With all this inspiration I was on a mission to find some arm chairs of my own. 
It has taken 6 months but I finally found them a couple of weeks ago at, what else, an auction. 



I am by no means a slipcover pro but with each project I seem to get a little better although the one on the left seems to need a shorter hem.  Totally fixable but honestly I probably won't fix them because I'm just glad their done.  Besides they will be under the table anyway.  Oh and if you are wondering I used a 9x12 drop cloth from Home Depot. Yup, just one and so inexpensive!
I always felt that slipcovering was way to difficult for me but I found this other awesome blog called Pink and Polka Dot where she actually sells a slipcovering ebook! You can imagine my excitement! So make sure you check her out too! 

New House Dining Room

The plates on the wall have a purpose for being so off centered. I swear! 
That would have to do with my little project in the works and now that I see this room in a picture I realize that I really need to do something about the lack of color in here.  
I do have to say that I am happy with how they turned out and I think they definitely soften up the room.
I guess now I am on the hunt for color inspiration. 



I was looking thru my pictures this morning thinking I haven't got a whole lot accomplished lately and then I came across this...

and I realized it's because we have been enjoying our summer! 
I will only see photos like this once in their little lives so for now I will just sit back and enjoy not getting a whole lot done. 


June 2011 part 2

The birthday weekend

We started out the birthday celebration a little different this year. The weather this year wasn't looking good for our annual "pool" party (we use one of those large blow up pools) and I was worried that this year party would be kind of a drag without something fun to do so my dad suggested the Bounce Castle. Yes it was our first one ever and I have to say it was a hit!! 

We got it on Friday night and I think the kids bounced non stop till the end of the party on Sunday! 
I do have to say you do meet a lot of your new neighbors when there is a giant bounce castle in your yard for 3 days!

The next morning  was Avery's birthday morning with our traditional birthday morning cupcake.

Which was followed up that evening with our "family" birthday party.  Everyone in our family on their actual birthday gets a rainbow cake. It is just another little tradition that we have acquired over the last year or so.  

It was so fun. 
We had all the neighbors over and finally at midnight ( no lie ) we had to wrap up the festivities and go to bed for the actual PARTY the next day. Phew this is exhausting!

After looking at all of the party pictures I really wish that I had taken better pictures! 
So with that said, these are by no means great photos but they will give you an idea of how it all went.

Little boats in water (oranges and blue jello)

flower cupcakes

Our little Repunzel

We even let wish lanterns go once it got dark. 

It was a super fun weekend! 
Happy birthday bug!