The Chair Dilemma

 Have I told you lately about my chair dilemma? 
Our kitchen chairs are old! I don't mean we have had them for awhile and I am bored with them. I mean they are old and have been known to fall apart while guests have been sitting in them. Not a good host when the chair falls apart. Opps! I guess that has to do with me spending $1 on a chair. I guess its time for a little more of an investment.
                       The good news is I have found "the chair" which would happen to be the 
 Its so industrial and cool and would look so good in my kitchen

 and well the thing is, at $245 a chair it's not going to happen. Blah!

This has sent me on a hunt for the next best thing or should I say the next best/cheapest thing. 
That is when I came across this chair. Its called the Jackson Metal Tub chair and its from World Market. Nice, right?

Now at $109 it is a much better price and I even checked them out in the store and well I love them a lot!
The only thing is I'm just not sure about the wrap around arms? Hmmm?
So you can imagine my surprise when I went to TJ MAXX and found these. 

They are not nearly as smooth and pretty as the chairs above but for $25 a chair on clearance, I think I can live with a little imperfection. 

So here they are. My $100 investment.
What do you think because I'm still on the fence a little and well of course
I had to leave Brian's comfy chair. Its where he sits and watches his TV in the evenings and I think I even kind of like it there anchoring the rest of the table. 

The bench even fits perfectly against the wall and can easily be pulled up to the table when we have a house full of kids. Perfect!
I think I still might want the World Market chairs? 
I don't know? What do you think?


  1. WOW! What a find! I love them. They are very pretty!

  2. I bet the world market chairs wouldn't fit nearly as nice under the table due to the "arms" - keep the tj find. i love them!

  3. I think the TJM have more visual interest. But what you could do is order 2 New Market chairs and keep 2 TJM chairs and do a mix and match. Honestly, you can't go wrong for the price! Maybe whip up cute little seat cushions