Dining room update

So you may recall that we moved in to our new house in December and I have been working on it between  everything else going on and so the progress is slow but good.

 Awhile back I bought four parson chairs from IKEA to replace the ladder back ones that we came with our dining table. I was over them and ready to move on to something a little softer. 
 I left the arm chairs on the end with the hopes of soon replacing those too but with something a little different. 

Old House Dining Room

I then came across this picture on Holly's blog ( you must check her out if you haven't yet, she is super talented) and I fell in love with the skirted chairs! 

Don't you love the gray hutch?
I have an idea for that too which is soon to come!

With all this inspiration I was on a mission to find some arm chairs of my own. 
It has taken 6 months but I finally found them a couple of weeks ago at, what else, an auction. 



I am by no means a slipcover pro but with each project I seem to get a little better although the one on the left seems to need a shorter hem.  Totally fixable but honestly I probably won't fix them because I'm just glad their done.  Besides they will be under the table anyway.  Oh and if you are wondering I used a 9x12 drop cloth from Home Depot. Yup, just one and so inexpensive!
I always felt that slipcovering was way to difficult for me but I found this other awesome blog called Pink and Polka Dot where she actually sells a slipcovering ebook! You can imagine my excitement! So make sure you check her out too! 

New House Dining Room

The plates on the wall have a purpose for being so off centered. I swear! 
That would have to do with my little project in the works and now that I see this room in a picture I realize that I really need to do something about the lack of color in here.  
I do have to say that I am happy with how they turned out and I think they definitely soften up the room.
I guess now I am on the hunt for color inspiration. 

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