June 2011 part 2

The birthday weekend

We started out the birthday celebration a little different this year. The weather this year wasn't looking good for our annual "pool" party (we use one of those large blow up pools) and I was worried that this year party would be kind of a drag without something fun to do so my dad suggested the Bounce Castle. Yes it was our first one ever and I have to say it was a hit!! 

We got it on Friday night and I think the kids bounced non stop till the end of the party on Sunday! 
I do have to say you do meet a lot of your new neighbors when there is a giant bounce castle in your yard for 3 days!

The next morning  was Avery's birthday morning with our traditional birthday morning cupcake.

Which was followed up that evening with our "family" birthday party.  Everyone in our family on their actual birthday gets a rainbow cake. It is just another little tradition that we have acquired over the last year or so.  

It was so fun. 
We had all the neighbors over and finally at midnight ( no lie ) we had to wrap up the festivities and go to bed for the actual PARTY the next day. Phew this is exhausting!

After looking at all of the party pictures I really wish that I had taken better pictures! 
So with that said, these are by no means great photos but they will give you an idea of how it all went.

Little boats in water (oranges and blue jello)

flower cupcakes

Our little Repunzel

We even let wish lanterns go once it got dark. 

It was a super fun weekend! 
Happy birthday bug!

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  1. The wish lanterns look awesome! I've never seen those before. Happy Birthday, Avery!!