June 2011 ( a very busy month)

June was crazy over here at our house! It all started with the fair on June 4th and then our anniversary, Avery bugs birthday, my birthday and then the forth of July! 
Holy smokes that is a lot to do and plan for in one months time!  
SO what can I say other than blogging has been on the back burner. 

Well now is time for me to catch up with all that we have been doing. 

Let me start with Avery bugs 6th birthday which she was very clear needed to be a Tangled party. 
Okay so how do I manage that? 
I googled Tangled party! 
I found a ton of fun ideas but the one thing I loved the most from the movie was her mural of the lights. Not to mention my bugs sing this song on daily basis while carrying my i touch around listening to the soundtrack.  What can I say, they love it! I don't love that Avery bug will no longer let me cut her hair but I will choose my battles one at a time. 
I had to recreate the mural the best I could so I went to our local art supply store, bought a piece of canvas for $5 for a yard and began to paint.

My sister snapped all the pics for me as I painted away.  It was actually pretty fun, I haven't really painted anything since high school so I really enjoyed this little project. 
Tomorrow I will post the rest of the party! 

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