Bridal Shower

I posted awhile back about my girlfriend whom is tying the knot this coming month....we are all so excited! 
The weekend before last I had the pleasure of hosting her bridal shower at my house.

I made up some fabric flower pins with the note " Love has bloomed" along with their names and the wedding date. 
I actually made them to take as a favor but everyone just ended up putting them on and wearing them for the shower, which I loved! 

Together with her maid of honer we put together a menu of delicious salads and gourmet pizza's.
We tried to stay away from the usual chicken salad and croissant fare along with replacing the usual cake or cupcakes with fruit pies and muffins. 
It was actually very nice if I do say so myself. 
We also treated everyone with Mimosa's and who doesn't like one of those on a Sunday afternoon.

I finally had a reason to use all my ironstone and  
I used my wide mouthed Ball jars for drinking glasses.

It was so fun and now it's just a count down till the big day!



 I am the first one to tell you I have a case of the ol' ADD. 

Yes, I get super excited about something I see, obsess about how to figure it out, figure it out, use it a ton and then get bored and move on to the next thing. Yup, that would be me. I would like to say it sounds worse than it really is, but really, who's kidding who here. 

I posted yesterday about my great success with finally figuring out how to get the Instagram photo. 

Well, now I am linking up to Life Rearranged to share my week of photos. 
Will they be interesting? Good question. 
Will I be able to describe each photo with such wit and ease that you, the reader, find yourself bent over with laughter asking for more. Doubt it. 
Will I wonder if anyone besides my family, will find these pictures even remotely interesting?
Sure, everyday.
 But none of these thoughts will stop me from sharing and certainly won't keep me from continuing this creative, chaotic process that I call normal. 

In other words: Here is my first of many (honestly, we'll see) Insta-Fridays! 


Avery say's "this is me and you mommy"

Morning comes way to early around here. This new school schedule is killing the Emma's and she doesn't even go to school!

 Some of my favorite things

Waiting for the bus

Emma and I surprised Avery with some new decoration's for her room....she loves it!

Happiness, sometimes means being upside down for a bit

I'm trying this self portrait thing...not a fan of narcissism but if I don't take pictures of myself no one else will

Being a sister is seriously one of the greatest things ever!

Who doesn't love a ball jar?

I'm going to miss this toothless smile one day:)

Have I told you about my addiction? You're staring at it!

That is it for this week.
 Considering it was actually a day and a half. Ha!


Photo fun

I have been a little obsessed with some photos I keep seeing on other ladies blogs and for the life of me could not figure out how they were achieving these super cool photos.

But today I figured it out!!
Instagram is it's name and I am in love!
Apparently it came out 8 months ago so I'm a little behind but I can catch up fast. You can also buy a program (which is also available for a 15 day trial) called Carousal which enables you to see your Instagram feed on your Macbook. Very cool. 

So now I have to do some research on how I can start using this app along with all the other cool ones available on itunes. There are so many and honestly I would buy all of them but I am trying to figure out one at a time for now. 

So here is where I begin.....


First Grade

I wanted to share Avery bug's first day of school pictures.

Boy oh Boy is she excited!!

But all the while I sit here with tears just waiting to fall. Brian tells me not to worry but go ahead get it out, she is just down the road after all.  I can't believe that my baby is going in to the first grade because I have this very unreasonable feeling that now I will never see her again. I hate that!!
Although at the same time I am so proud of her and the fact that she is so eager to return to school.   Secretly, it makes me smile that she was looking forward to wearing her new clothes the most!
I can so relate! 

I just love her so much!!


Cool Pictures

Have I told you lately that I have a serious addiction to Pinterest?

While pinning the other day I came across this

They wore the camera around their neck with the self timer on and snapped this adorable shot!

Okay, so I am thinking.....no problem, I can do that!

not as easy as it looks
so here is my version with a little help from Emma bug

Her arms look a little like rubber?
I noticed later while looking at the original photo that the photographer's hands are visible in the photo making the girl's arms less long and rubbery looking.

Of course we couldn't leave Avery out!

Okay so let me practice this and see what I can come up with.
I will say that you really can only do this so many times before you can no longer stand up!
But the bugs sure did have fun with my little experiment.


Chairs! UGH!!

I posted about my Tolix chair obsession awhile ago and had asked for your opinion on what I should do regarding the "chair dilemma". 

Well I thought I had figured it out...thanks to some kind ladies and their help. But oh my goodness!!! I walked back in to my local Tj Maxx last night and what do  I see but a much better version of those pretty french cafe chairs staring right back at me!! 

Here are the first "like" Tolix on the left next to the much better ones I found yesterday.

Here they are at the table
Now the only thing is that I only found two so I added in the blue wooden chair for now ( i think i will paint it later) and the bench is on the other side. This will be the set up while I continue my search for two more or add in something else....hmmm not sure?

Boy am I in desperate need of a rug in that hallway/weird area that has confused me since we moved in
I think I want a Chevron one. No, I know, I want a Chevron one!

Well, what do you think? Do you like the change?


Weekend Getaway

We took a mini trip to Michigan this past weekend and I have to say what a great little trip it turned out to be. Sometimes its just good to get away and spend time appreciating your family and how lucky we are to have this life.

the beach was so picture perfect

I don't know, I just love all the umbrellas

the bugs should really be called fish because they LOVE the water

we spent all day at the beach

mmmmm.......chicago dog

can you believe emma napped in my lap for a least an hour everyday...WOW

sand castles
constructing amazing pieces of architecture

Hawaiian Ice
yes even in Michigan

It was an awesome weekend and we have already decided to go back again before the summer ends.

I can't say enough how important it is to just hop in the car and take off for a couple of days. 
We had the best time just being together and enjoying our surroundings.....but I think Brian may have enjoyed the food the most!