Chairs! UGH!!

I posted about my Tolix chair obsession awhile ago and had asked for your opinion on what I should do regarding the "chair dilemma". 

Well I thought I had figured it out...thanks to some kind ladies and their help. But oh my goodness!!! I walked back in to my local Tj Maxx last night and what do  I see but a much better version of those pretty french cafe chairs staring right back at me!! 

Here are the first "like" Tolix on the left next to the much better ones I found yesterday.

Here they are at the table
Now the only thing is that I only found two so I added in the blue wooden chair for now ( i think i will paint it later) and the bench is on the other side. This will be the set up while I continue my search for two more or add in something else....hmmm not sure?

Boy am I in desperate need of a rug in that hallway/weird area that has confused me since we moved in
I think I want a Chevron one. No, I know, I want a Chevron one!

Well, what do you think? Do you like the change?

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