Cool Pictures

Have I told you lately that I have a serious addiction to Pinterest?

While pinning the other day I came across this

They wore the camera around their neck with the self timer on and snapped this adorable shot!

Okay, so I am thinking.....no problem, I can do that!

not as easy as it looks
so here is my version with a little help from Emma bug

Her arms look a little like rubber?
I noticed later while looking at the original photo that the photographer's hands are visible in the photo making the girl's arms less long and rubbery looking.

Of course we couldn't leave Avery out!

Okay so let me practice this and see what I can come up with.
I will say that you really can only do this so many times before you can no longer stand up!
But the bugs sure did have fun with my little experiment.

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  1. omg that is too cute. i've seen that pic on pinterest too and kudos to you for doing so well on your first try! mine would've come out rubbery AND blurry all over!