I am the first one to tell you I have a case of the ol' ADD. 

Yes, I get super excited about something I see, obsess about how to figure it out, figure it out, use it a ton and then get bored and move on to the next thing. Yup, that would be me. I would like to say it sounds worse than it really is, but really, who's kidding who here. 

I posted yesterday about my great success with finally figuring out how to get the Instagram photo. 

Well, now I am linking up to Life Rearranged to share my week of photos. 
Will they be interesting? Good question. 
Will I be able to describe each photo with such wit and ease that you, the reader, find yourself bent over with laughter asking for more. Doubt it. 
Will I wonder if anyone besides my family, will find these pictures even remotely interesting?
Sure, everyday.
 But none of these thoughts will stop me from sharing and certainly won't keep me from continuing this creative, chaotic process that I call normal. 

In other words: Here is my first of many (honestly, we'll see) Insta-Fridays! 


Avery say's "this is me and you mommy"

Morning comes way to early around here. This new school schedule is killing the Emma's and she doesn't even go to school!

 Some of my favorite things

Waiting for the bus

Emma and I surprised Avery with some new decoration's for her room....she loves it!

Happiness, sometimes means being upside down for a bit

I'm trying this self portrait thing...not a fan of narcissism but if I don't take pictures of myself no one else will

Being a sister is seriously one of the greatest things ever!

Who doesn't love a ball jar?

I'm going to miss this toothless smile one day:)

Have I told you about my addiction? You're staring at it!

That is it for this week.
 Considering it was actually a day and a half. Ha!


  1. Hi! Stopping by from InstaFriday! Your girls are adorable! The decoration in Avery's room looks awesome! Sisters are the best and Olivia and mini Olivia is too cute!!!

  2. Stopping by from instafriday. You and your daughters are so beautiful! I think my favorite picture is the one of Avery's room, looks lovely :)


  3. I have the same addiction. Don' t think I can go a day without a little liquid help.