Photo fun

I have been a little obsessed with some photos I keep seeing on other ladies blogs and for the life of me could not figure out how they were achieving these super cool photos.

But today I figured it out!!
Instagram is it's name and I am in love!
Apparently it came out 8 months ago so I'm a little behind but I can catch up fast. You can also buy a program (which is also available for a 15 day trial) called Carousal which enables you to see your Instagram feed on your Macbook. Very cool. 

So now I have to do some research on how I can start using this app along with all the other cool ones available on itunes. There are so many and honestly I would buy all of them but I am trying to figure out one at a time for now. 

So here is where I begin.....

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  1. haha i am always behind on this stuff too and it took me forever to figure out how everyone was doing it!!! your girls are adorable!