Chairs, Chairs, and more Chairs

Yesterday I was ignoring my housework again, tooling around on Pinterest which lead me to the Anthropologie website where I began to look at all their awesome furniture and somewhere in all of that I realized something. My husband is a lucky man!
How did I come to such a conclusion? 
Well, let me explain....
I was staring at all of these amazing chairs that Anthropologie is selling right now and thought you know what those kinda remind me of some I have in my house right now. 
They, of course, are not exactly the same but close and seriously I almost died when I saw how much they are selling them for. Considering that all of my chairs below cost from free-$8 each, that is, except for the $70 Tolix ones. EEK, I hate that but still an amazing deal especially when you see what the ones below are selling for!


reupholstered with a drop cloth 




2 for $6 each
reupholstered with another drop cloth and extra nail head trim I had leftover from our headboard





and then of course my kitchen table where the chairs are ever changing

but none the less all of them very inexpensive!

So the reason my husband is so lucky (besides the obvious) I have saved him thousands of dollars in furniture costs!!
Of course, I would never ever buy any of the Anthropologie chairs anyway but still sometimes it's nice to see just how thrifty I can be. 

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