Wow another week is over and here is what I can show for it....

Last Saturday morning it was off to the auction for me....not so good...I lost a bed I wanted to some other gal...went for WAY TO MUCH! Oh well. I still have a garage full of "treasures" that still need a bit of fixin:)

Dinner at the old Olive Garden.....who doesn't like some all you can eat pasta bowls?

Avery and Daddy working one serious crossword puzzle

Seriously, this kid is always in my drinks!
(no she is not drinking wine)

and this was empty 

that's what you get for trying to sneak Coke
Little stinker!

Sunday was Boat day with Nana and Granddad

Emma loves to swim under the boat

We love it when Granddad drives fast!

so pretty out here

spying on the neighbors!

only he can make me laugh at 7:30 in the morning!

it's a special day when daddy get's to walk you to the bus stop

Emma bug wanted to do a little Instagram too!
What happens when I spend all day playing with Instagram

See ya next week!


  1. aww sweet daddy and baby hugs at the school bus stop! and too funny about your little trying to drink your coke when it's empty hehe have a great friday!

  2. luv the "frog" pic !!! I too am loving the instagram app!!

    happy Friday!!

  3. What adorable picture that you have here! I'm a brand new visitor from Life Rearranged and I'm so glad I stopped by. Have a great weekend.