I'm so crafty- Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Things have been kinda quiet around my little blog here so I thought I would share some news with you. I am hosting a Zipper pouch tutorial class tomorrow and i needed to make up a quick little tutorial for all the ladies coming. I hope to see you tomorrow but if not please feel free to use this tutorial and enjoy whipping up some last minute holiday gifts of your own! ENJOY! Supplies
You will need your fabric to be the same length as your zipper...the size of the pouch is up to you.
Lay your pieces so that your inside fabric is face up, zipper on top and outside fabric is facedown, sandwiching the zipper betweent the two pieces of fabric. Pin together.
Change your sewing machine foot to your "zipper" foot and sew your fabrics and zipper together
This is what your pouch should look like now
Now you want to iron your piece so that you can sew a top stitch..this will keep your inside fabric from bunching up and getting stuck in the zipper
*change back to your standard foot* Sew as close to the zipper as possible
Sandwich this piece between your 2nd piece of inside fabric (face up) and your outside fabric face down
Pin down
Sew it all together
This is what your pouch should look like now Iron it down to make it ready for your next top stitch on the other side...you can get creative with this...I used a zig zag stitch for the other side
If you want to add any embellishment now is the time! I add a ruffle to the middle by ironing a rectangle of fabric in half and then in half again.
Set your machine with the longest stitch length and highest number tension and Sew a gathering stitch down the center
Pull you stitch by hand to make your ruffle. Pin to outside fabric and sew in place
Now you are going to sew your pouch all together (these pictures were taken before I decided to make the ruffle embellishment..oops!) Okay now open your zipper 3\4 of the way *this is very important, you won't be able to open it later if you forget this step!
Now you are going to put *like* sides together and pin *make sure your zipper is lined up otherwise it will be all wonky after it is sewn in place:)
Pin the sides all together, leaving an opening about 3inches long on the inside fabric side. Use 2 pins on each side of the opening so that you will know where to start and stop stitching
Sew it all together
Once you have sewn it all together, cut the corners off so that your pieces fit together better
Here's the tricky part..find the opening and start pulling the inside of the pouch out..keep pulling and ta da it's all together
Use your scissors to carefully push the corners out
Now find the opening in your inside fabric, iron your fabric down and stitch up opening
Put the inside fabric in place inside the bag. IRON.
Your very first little Zipper Pouch is done! Good job:)

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