Hello again....

Its apparently been awhile....
maybe like 2 years awhile....
sorry for that

We've had a few changes. 
Well for one, we moved again!
Yes, I said we moved again!

This time to a house that is not only ours (four years of leasing houses can wear on a girls nerves) but it's big enough for 3 kids!
3 Kids? 
Yes, I said 3 kids...3 little girls to be exact! 
Im happy to say that this coming October I will be a momma of 
Three Little Bugs!

Will the name change...um no...Avery bug asked me this already. 
I think we'll leave it alone, at least for now.

I am ready to start sewing again and that is good news.
I've had to go back to work for awhile so this made sewing regularly a not so easy a task..in fact impossible felt more like it. 
Which totally bummed me out because I love to sew and create fun stuff. 
Now I feel like Im finding some time to start again and let me show you my first little project.

I love it and I think it will be adorable on the bugs.
Thankfully it runs up to a size 8 which is exactly what Avery bug is wearing these days...phew. 
If you are interested in making your own, Pattern Anthology is the site and here is the link! 

Yay!! It feels good to be back!

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