Mommy Bug

Hi my name is Anissa 
I am a wife, mother of two beautiful girls and one on the way!  I am a daughter and a sister and I am a friend to many people.
I love my life and I love my family. 
I have an obsession with home interiors and I love to sew. But only fun things. I don't mend! I love to decorate and re-decorate my home. My heart skips a beat for amazing furniture and I have actually found myself gasping at pictures of home interiors. I love original clothing for me and my girls. I want to make pretty little things that children will have fun wearing and actually want to put on.
I want mommy's to smile when they see their little bugs in them. 
I have a firm belief that kindness is king and if you live your life being good and kind to those you meet along the way you will be blessed.
I am an imperfect parent. I forget to do things. I don't call everyone back and I ignore dirty bathrooms. 
I am a real  person and will never try to be perfect just interesting!
This blog is a little bit about my life, a little bit about my family and a lot about creating happiness one sewing project at a time. 
I  hope you enjoy your time here!