While at Walmart the other day, Avery bug and I ran across these little sundresses.
For $6 I thought what a perfect dress for days of playing outside, eating watermelon, freeze pops and anything else that would ruin one of our better outfits. Of course I couldn't just let it stay plain and boring, even a play dress needs some fun added to it!!
Avery Bug is going through a "purple" faze. I think this has a lot to do with our Claire loving purple and well Avery Bug (even though she would NEVER admit it) idolizes Claire.
Now I need to point out this was a last minute, we're leaving the house to go out for the day and I don't have time for a big project, project.....still it came out very cute. Less is more, right?

Here is my very first attempt at posting a "tutorial".

The $6 dress as it comes from the store...cute but not enough.

Now search thru your bin of old t shirts!
Don't have one?....raid your husbands drawers!

This is the one we chose.....lovely isn't it?

Now cut the longest strips you can. Make them about 1.5 inches wide. This way they don't flap over after you gather them and they stay flat to the dress.

Now with a seam ripper let's CAREFULLY remove the pocket! I was not careful enough and made a hole in the dress but no biggie cause that can be fixed later!

First let me suggest that you use bobbin thread the color of the dress and your top thread the color of the strip of fabric. It makes for a much cleaner look on the inside of the dress.
Now starting at the shoulder strap, start sewing the strip of t-shirt to the dress, gathering up the fabric as you go.
You can sew a gathering stitch on to each strip first but this isn't a must since perfection is not the goal! I think with a project like this a little imperfection is good.

It should look something like this

Now the other side

Now starting from the center of neckline, take another strip of t-shirt and as you wish just sew it down the dress gathering as you go.
Now remember I put that hole in the dress....I decided to coil it around in that corner where the hole was and Ta Da it's fixed!

Keep sewing and gathering making any design you wish, this can't be messed up!! I decided to cascade it down to the bottom of the dress and Voila it's done!

Avery bug loves it and I think we are on our way back to Walmart for some more colors today!