What I Love

Okay so this is a list of all the things that I love. Not like.... but LOVE! 

1. My husband -what can I say other than he is perfect. I mean he is perfect for me! We have IT! You know what I mean...it's that IT factor that makes him better today than he was yesterday. I don't know,  I just feel like a lucky girl that I get to be married to him. Even if he does leave his wet towel on my side of the bed!

2. My Bugs- Avery and Emma are my world and I get to spend everyday watching these little people grow up and become simply amazing. I am in awe with these two precious creatures that god has put in my life. They teach me everyday that life is what you make of it! 

3.  My Family- they may not be perfect but I have never felt unloved and isn't that the most important part?

4.  My Craft- the sewing, crafting, creating, dreaming, endless thinking about and agonizing over creations that somehow come out of nothing everyday!

5.  Flowers- Peonies, Hydrangeas, Lily of the Valley, Lilacs, Tulips. I love them all so much but mostly the ones that grew in my grandmothers yard. 

6.  Running- it may be a new passion of mine but I think that I have always been a runner in my head I just finally made my legs realize I was one.

7.  Wine- Sitting on the patio at the end of a week, listening to music, having a glass and laughing about all that has happened. I don't remember a time when I wasn't enjoying myself while having a glass.

8.  Dave Matthews Band-yes they made the list and what can I say other than I have been in love since '93!

9.  Good Friends- You know who you are and I thank you for all that you have been to me!

10.  ? -still trying to figure this one out